hamilton pool

i have been a little homesick lately. my family are my best friends and their being in another state can really stink some days. luckily, a good friend of mine came to visit from home, which subdued the empty belly. lily is a great photographer who just moved back home to little rock from new york. we drove northwest from austin for a few hours then headed towards hamilton pool. it was beautiful! (not including the young hipster couple making out by the water, ruining the mood with bad techno music from their little stereo they brought along).

huge dripping icicles hung from the ceiling, mimicking the stalactites. soft green moss grew on the rock and leftover ice from the recent winter “storm” looked like bones perched on the stone. the naked trees looked like skeletons against the blue sky. it was exactly what we needed to get away, an impromptu photo shoot with the most enlightening, inspiring creature … nature.

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