austin medical marketing.

in december of 2013, i was hired by tarrytown pharmacy to handle their design work. the shop is family owned and operated and has been open since 1941. i enjoy doing creative work for them as there exists a steady consistency within the design work … and i grew up with a pharmacist for a father.

i worked closely with the pharmacy’s marketing specialist, delta lane. she recently resigned from her position there to follow her ambition of opening her own marketing consulting firm. in this process, i was invited as partner, handling the design work. i continue to work with tarrytown pharmacy but am excited to have this new avenue of design work open up.

along with myself, delta also partnered with kristy ryan, founder and CEO of lexicon medical. together, the three of us make up austin medical marketing.

from the humbling press release sent out last week : “Just like the providers they serve, these women are successful in their own specialties doing what they do best. And they have recognized the wisdom of collaborating and exploiting each other’s skills. This group of Austin businesswomen offers a powerful marketing and sales team that is uniquely suited to address the needs of Austin medical providers.

Austin Medical Marketing provides practices and healthcare facilities a strategic marketing plan specific to the local community including branding, content creation and media relations.”

i created the branding for the new marketing firm:


(logo, stationery design)



click here to view full website.

For more information on Austin Medical Marketing please visit the website link above or email Delta at

i’ll have a little ranch on the side, please.

© David Stubbs 2012(photo by David Stubbs)
© David Stubbs 2012(photo by David Stubbs)

each year a project or two claims itself as my favorite. in fall 2012, the bar bc ranch in jackson hole, wy, hired me to design their 2013 calendar and marketing promotional piece. thrilled to begin, i knew i’d be spending a couple of months staring at photos of heaven. the bar bc ranch was also featured in quentin tarantino’s 2012 “django unchained” (look for the beautiful tetons and snowy scenes).

excerpt : Hillwood, a Texas based land development company owned by Ross Perot Jr., purchased the lower Bar BC Ranch in 2004. Known as one of the largest private real estate developers and investors in the nation, Hillwood is recognized for its strength in creating premier projects and signature developments that create value for its partners, both public and private. The Bar BC Ranch is an example of Hillwood’s sensitive approach to protecting the land through conservation easements and respecting the native wildlife.

in past years, the photography of the marketing piece has been in color. marketing manager, mary jane ashmore, had a vision to do the piece in black & white, with inspiration from the fascinating photography of ansel adams. so, we did just that. all photography included is on the bar bc ranch, with exception of a few that are nearby. the images are all original, taken by a collective of photographers including mary jane. the layout design, production management, binding design are all done by yours truly. my client was blown away by the product and we continue to hear positive feedback as their clients receive the 2013 ranch promo. take a step into one of the most beautiful places in the country.

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special thanks to capital printing co and mickey brosseau who handled the printing, binding and mailing. also to mary jane ashmore for being incredibly great to work with and to jackson hole, for being so dreamy.

well, “wood”n’t ya know.

some things happen for a reason … no, all things happen for a reason.

robert galusha


driving through the outskirts of austin in the dreamy hill country, andrew and i were doing a little “junktiquing”. we’ve gotten good at it. in our search (on my crutch i call an iphone), i found “robert galusha” on the map, just around the corner from the little shop we were poking through. it was meant to be.

we pulled up to the office space – “robert galusha design” stenciled on the door. i knocked as tiny butterflies formed in my belly. a middle-aged gentleman opened the door, wearing weathered skin, kind blue eyes and a long gray spiral ponytail. i don’t think robert was as amazed as me that i “found” a galusha in the texas hill country. but he was generous and happily shared the anecdote of his business and how he got to where he was. robert is a very skilled carpenter, with chairs and furniture filling any sort of would-be empty space in his office. he teaches classes out of his live-in shop full of all kinds of mechanical toys. every tool one may need to craft decorative and/or functional wooden pieces was probably in that room. robert is very colorful, talented and welcoming and i look forward to gaining knowledge from another galusha artist.

robert galusha design : etsy  :  rgd info  :  article

robert galusha design

go go gadget galusha!

police positive

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i got a call from a very nice arkansan not too long ago requesting a portrait of a colt police positive .22 using walnut grips that he owned. the drawing is planned to be a birthday surprise for his brother’s birthday in september. he mailed images of the gun, as well as the grips to choose from and their screws. we corresponded over the time the piece was created and, in the end, he was very pleased. he wrote, the morning after the piece was delivered “woke up this morning smiling … NO buyers remorse”. happy customer. happy emily.


thank you, jch, for your ideas, support and your humor.

new site!

emily galusha creative header

well, a website redesign was due, so i’m happy to share my new site, it focuses on graphic design work as well as my visual artwork (drawing/painting/mixed media). this is a good excuse to turn your phone on silent, grab your laptop and do some surfing.

this blog (the page you’re on right now) will still have updates on what i’m working on and all of that good stuff (drawings, photos, projects) … and facebook/twitter/pinterest are also awesome time suckers. so enjoy yourself and go play.

new website link   :

e.e.g. creative music mix

a big ole thank you to the Man upstairs and to everyone who supports artists, designers, creators and those with fantastic ideas. you are greatly appreciated.

sunshine camp

t-shirt design for austin’s sunshine camps. sunshine camps serve economically disadvantaged youth in central texas.  their programs strive to create a better future and stronger community through mentoring, education and personal development of low-income youth. feels good to do creative work that serves a good purpose! a great set of photo galleries of the kids in action is here; the barton springs gallery is my favorite.

new little rock treats.

i just returned from a quick business trip to little rock, where i dropped of a nice bushel of creative goods. box turtle now has a slew of HANDGUNS shirts for men & women (snap ups, button downs, breezy long sleeves and more), tights, gunsies, and kitchen towels. on top of that, gallery 26 now has some new colorful illustrations. these make great gifts for a friend (or yourself) so go on in and take a look!

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google doodle.

being a fan of the google doodles, i just finished an illustration and submitted it to google. samuel colt‘s birthday is july 19, so what a perfect time to illustrate the colt pistol. how cool would it be if they used it? even if they don’t, it was a great illustration experiment.

the doodle team is open to user ideas; requests for doodles can be sent to apparently they get loads of submissions but they do look at and consider all the requests that people enter. go for it!