about e.e.g.

emily : my grandmother
ellen : my other grandmother
galusha : german-dutch for “family blessed with creative genius.”
in some regions, it also translates as “organized packrat.”

coming from a family of artists, i grew up in very supportive and encouraging surroundings. i feel very motivated to do as much as i can, while enjoying it. graphic design consumes the majority of my time. i also focus on illustration, painting, mixed media construction, printing on shirts and kitchen towels, cutting wood, brainstorming with clients, and getting work out there as much as i can … it’s hard to sit still.

feel free to contact me via email about having a show in your gallery, doing freelance design work for your company or flying me out to your vinyard in italy to taste the wine you need label and package designs for.

please comment on any post. i like feedback – good or bad. it’s nice to know someone’s paying attention.


my older and younger brothers are active artists, as well as my mother. proud of them.

my personal website (working on updates):

shop online:


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