asc & ast

mrs. stacey m jones, apr, (owns and operates ariel strategic communications) has been very good in sending some great design projects my way. stacey specializes in public relations research, education and communications strategy and planning, along with media relations. she’s a wonderful person to collaborate on projects with. one of her clients she introduced me to is arkansas shakespeare theatre in conway, ar.

she contacted me to design a folder and a brochure for their promotion.
the folder:

arkansas shakespeare theatre promotional folder ... ooh, classy!

the brochure that goes inside the folder (text written by stacey):

outside of brochure
inside of brochure

i appreciate mrs. jones and am excited to work with her. she’s a smart woman with a witty sense of humor. please read more about her HERE and contact her!


One thought on “asc & ast

  1. I love Shakespeare. I love eeg. So, naturally, I’m a fan of this! I think it’s a sexy piece, Emily! Nice work!

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