e.e.g. over easy

“and above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you
because the greatest secrets
are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
-roald dahl

since relocating from little rock to austin, my brain has been on overload. after this summer’s voyage through the west, i thought i would have time to digest all that experience and squeeze out loads of concepts and art. but it’s like a big mental constipated mess … only with colorful imagination instead of, well, poop.

about a year ago, living in little rock, i decided to stay through winter and spring, go to peru in the summer of 2010, then move to austin by the end of summer. it is a transition i had contemplated for some time to push my boundaries, but the timing had always been off. moving seemed scary and difficult … so naturally, it was attractive.

through self-motivation (and a little rejection & humiliation, of course), i had built up a strong professional career in art and design in little rock and was widely accepted. it was more than i could ask for. when you relax in your own shoes, they fit so much better. when the time came to follow through with my plan, it was at an incredible juncture – the title of arkansas times “2010 best arkansas artist” was awarded to me, and i was blown away. it fueled me to push forward with the move, knowing i had the support of home.

it has taken a month or two to settle and find a place for living and creating in austin. but it’s been found. the little workspace is rugged and perfect and the community is creative and driven. after sharing studio space with my mother or brother, working out of the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the yard, i now have a place to call my own. to step out of the everyday and dive in. i am very thankful for the little barn.

la grange – luna approves

the good news for you guys is that i’ll be posting new work soon and you won’t have to read my rambling tangents as often! you’ll just get to see that energy used on art. and i can’t wait.

God bless difficult changes, for bright and shiny ones are soon to follow.

boy howdy!

so it’s been some time since i last posted … i appreciate the pokes and prods for an update.

since my last post i have relocated myself to austin, tx. this is a change i’ve been wanting to make for about, oh, five years now. sometimes you just have to be patient when making big transitions. so here i am … in the texas oasis … willing and ready.

several of my wonderful arkansas clients, such as candy bouquet international, arkansas press association and office of health information technology, are keeping me on and having me work remotely. so excited about that. makes the financial transition a bit easier! plus, i’ll be working out of two “offices,” little rock & austin. lucky girl.

since my move a few weeks ago, i’ve joined the austin museum of art (the receptionist was from little rock!), attended a smart and unique wedding at the longhorn caverns, was barked at by a woman in a restroom and have attended two “terror tuesdays” (as well as sunday morning beetlejuice) at the alamo draft house theater. doing alright, i’d say.

this post is an announcement not only to proclaim the sowing of oats in a new city … but to say I NEED HELP SPREADING THE GALUSHA-NESS. i mean, seriously. how am i going to buy a little ranch and two horses?! you have connections in austin? send ’em my way. you know someone who needs art to decorate their office in downtown austin? send ’em my way. you know someone who needs design collateral for their new business in austin? send ’em my way. you know someone who needs large phallic shapes painted on the side of their drag racer? eh, i’ll pass. (gotta love craigslist).

saturate / sat·u·rate (sāch’ə-rāt’) / to soak, fill, or load to capacity.

blessed, fortunate, deserving … spoiled … whatever you want to call it, that’s how i feel. this year has been a rewarding one. after chewing through several of life’s obstacles these past few years, many prayers have been answered. not so much a simple “dream come true” but a fulfilling feeling of working hard and being rewarded. certain things play out as they’re supposed to, and we often have little control – what a relief.

in late august, my manfriend and i set out for an adventure through the west. through heaven on earth. along with the intentions of vacating, the trip included art projects, familial introductions, bonfire jigs and deeper integration of hearts. wyoming was new to me. andrew put it well, “emily, it’ll give you big eyes.” and he was right. if anyone wants to donate a ranch (a meek one would do just fine) in jackson hole, wy, please email me asap.

a huge part of visiting jackson hole, sedona, santa fe, etc, was to talk with gallery owners. i got some good feedback and will definitely be selling fishing fly illustrations at a location in jackson hole. now, if a gallery or two will just have my artwork, that would be amazing. working on that.

enjoy the photos from this journey:

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