sxsw for the ears

so, there’s a lot to cover in this arena. i’ll skim it and spit out the highlights that stood out to me.

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i didn’t anticipate being aggressive about any music at all. as a friend so eloquently put, looks like urban outfitters took a *$%# on 6th street.” makes me giggle … especially because i love the random trip to uo. anyway, the events were great, but the crowd was thick. an estimated 200,000 came to the festival this year. sheesh. but, thanks to a few hints and encouragements, i ended up enjoying myself and getting into a few more events than i anticipated. samsung, gracias!

the stubbs party was a super bonus as OMD gave a stellar performance with lots of dancing, dramatic arm flailing and heavy dance beats. growing up with their music in the 80s and having a revival in college made for a great passionate predecessor to seeing them live … on stage … 2 ft away. tv on the radio, the kills, moby and several djs appeared, as well as yo gabba gabba.

saturday night was my last night to squeeze out the last bit of energy i had. i acquired a last-minute free vip pass to the perez hilton party. it wasn’t as big of an event as i thought, but i did get to see liz phair, which was pretty awesome (flashback to the GALS). and these lovely chics? best performance, hands down:

(it’s a long video, so just take a peek. they were seriously awesome.)

sxsw appealed to other senses than just the ears, of course. i connected with a few local and regional printmakers, which had me inspired and motivated. flatstock 29 (presented by the american poster institute) was taking place in the convention center. lots of posters and artwork for sale and display. andrew vastagh of boss construction, dan grzeca, geoff peveto of the decoder ring design and were among my favorites at the poster convention. there were so many talented printers.

so, sxsw was taxing, but worth every moment.