colt 45 (no, not the malt beverage)

another unique pistol portrait request came my way last fall. a gentleman, who saw my artwork in few articles online, wanted to commission a drawing of an antique colt single action army .45.  he sent several images of the gun via email and gave a brief history. he recently found out this particular gun was engraved by a master engraver that colt commissioned to do just a few pieces for them specifically. the historic collector’s piece belongs to his father-in-law, to whom the commissioned piece was meant for.

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i sent a few photos to him once the drawing was complete.
“I am absolutely amazed at the finished product! It is exactly what I was expecting and more. Thank you so much for your time and effort on this project. The matte and frame work great with the drawing, the rustic look is perfect. I know that [father-in-law] will be blown away when we give it to him on Christmas morning. It really is going to be hard to wait for that day to get here.” … “The entire process was simple and with the little input I gave you the end result is perfect! If you ever need a reference please let me know. Although, your work speaks for itself!”

do you hear that?
it’s my ego inflating. oh wait, there’s more …

after mailing the well-packed drawing to him, he wrote:
“Awestruck!! There is a depth to the drawing that pictures can not capture obviously! Amazing work, beyond grateful! There were no shipping mishaps, and it made it in one beautiful piece. Thank you again for making the process so simple. I will most certainly keep you in mind for future concepts and happily spread the word of your talents and services. I know [father-in-law] will be speechless!”


police positive

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i got a call from a very nice arkansan not too long ago requesting a portrait of a colt police positive .22 using walnut grips that he owned. the drawing is planned to be a birthday surprise for his brother’s birthday in september. he mailed images of the gun, as well as the grips to choose from and their screws. we corresponded over the time the piece was created and, in the end, he was very pleased. he wrote, the morning after the piece was delivered “woke up this morning smiling … NO buyers remorse”. happy customer. happy emily.


thank you, jch, for your ideas, support and your humor.

new site!

emily galusha creative header

well, a website redesign was due, so i’m happy to share my new site, it focuses on graphic design work as well as my visual artwork (drawing/painting/mixed media). this is a good excuse to turn your phone on silent, grab your laptop and do some surfing.

this blog (the page you’re on right now) will still have updates on what i’m working on and all of that good stuff (drawings, photos, projects) … and facebook/twitter/pinterest are also awesome time suckers. so enjoy yourself and go play.

new website link   :

e.e.g. creative music mix

a big ole thank you to the Man upstairs and to everyone who supports artists, designers, creators and those with fantastic ideas. you are greatly appreciated.

sleepy triptych

for those of you who are excellent at getting your christmas/holiday shopping done early, personalized and unique artwork is the perfect gift! this is one print that is a part of a triptych being sold at box turtle in little rock. it’s printed on material that was once a vintage country nightgown.