death by stereo.

so i’ve never been on the radio. not many people like the way their own voice sounds, including me, but i figured this is going out to all of arkansas, good promo, could be fun … what the hey.

my younger brother, russell galusha, appeared with me and did very well. he’s a natural smooth-talkin’ guy. i think it went over nicely. and, actually, i’d probably do it again. YOU get to say what you want people to hear, live, which is great. no misconceptions or worries that what you want to say is going to get edited out or accidentally worded incorrectly. it’s the real deal. the guys at the buzz were great and very easy to converse with.

take a listen!

thanks to matthew travis, and to bill and rj.


holy crap.

well. i guess i’m a big girl now?

arkansas times cover - june 29 issue

click HERE to see all of the winners. go arkansas!

click image for cover story ... woo!

thank you thank you thank you. hard work does pay off. but it’s incredibly humbling and motivating.


my mother is a big reason why i push to aggressively follow my heart. she taught my two brothers and i not to just do what we feel called to do in life, but to do it to the maximum. go all the way. don’t just be an artist, be the best artist you can be by experiencing all you can, learning all you can and pushing yourself as far as you can.

i’m proud to present an article in this month’s AY magazine, presenting norma galusha (my momsie) as their featured artist. read the article here. “my progression as an instructor and an artist are parallel. i teach my students, they teach me.”

take a look at more of her creative work here.

go go gadget galusha.