calvin cool-it.

my great aunt lived in roseville arkansas – according to dad it was supposed to be the capitol of arkansas at one point in time. when she passed away, the house went to my mother, who rented it out for several years. the house was the oldest in logan county. after a destructive family left the house a complete wreck (unbeknownst to my parents), it ended up covered in foliage and falling apart. it’s kind of sad. i remember shooting at rats with a bb gun in the old shed (where i learned shooting at animals doesn’t make me feel good), exploring under the house and finding secret worlds in the shrubbery.

growing up, i had a couple of dreams about the house. all i remember from them was a preacher and a bathroom in the house that had a big claw-foot tub (which someone broke in and stole when the family left it abandoned). i told my parents about the dream, and apparently, a preacher lived there a long time ago. and the tub did exist. kinda strange. my parents have a lot of memorabelia from there, including a big stack of publications from about 1900 – 1910. the edges are a little worn but other than that they’re pretty much awesome.

this is a gun print with little animal illustrations i did on an old article written by calvin coolidge (when he was v.p.). it was purchased at the 2009 gallery 26 christmas sale. it’s nice to look at someone’s artwork and pull your own story from it, too.

i neglected to photograph the piece before it sold, but was able to contact the buyer for an image.
here it is in its new home:

the piece is about 12" long. i love this little piano. a perfect fit!