coopin’ it up.

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after losing a chicken or two to dogs who like to “play” with them, i thought of an inexpensive way to help give the ladies a better living area. belina, jezabel and eloise have been a great addition to austin life. so, on a sunny 90 degree day in the middle of summer, i got a wild hair and decided to build a real fence. the chicken wire / metal pole situation wasn’t cutting it.

after measuring out a nice space in the yard, expanding upon the already plotted-out chicken pen, i figured 10 wooden palettes would do the trick as they are around 40″ wide. i collected the palettes from austin metal & iron, on the east side. being considered trash, the junk yard was happy to get them off their hands … no charge! after making a couple of trips toting them home (wishing i had a truck) i ran to home depot then got down to business.

to start, i pushed a palette up on its side; 2-3 wooden stakes (1″ x 2″ x 48″) were driven into the ground along the palette and the two were nailed or screwed together. after setting up multiple palettes and secured them, i used pieces of wood for trim at the top (approx 2″ x 2″ x 48″). these pieces also linked the tops of the palettes together, acting as added support. the wooden stakes and wood “trim” were both inexpensive from home depot. the door was a treat from the ReStore, a used building material supply store run by habitat for humanity. it ran about $40, was broken-in nicely and included the door and its frame. rebar was driven into the ground next to the door on the inside of the pen and, after being attached to the door, acted as a support since the wood was heavy. additional wooden stakes helped support the door and keep it upright. the door is an inside/outdoor style, so it should hold up for a while. after i finished the fence, i nailed chicken wire up on the inside around the bottom to keep the critters from trying to wiggle through the posts.

inside the pen, i left an extra palette and a large stump for the hens “decor.” the ladies are into feng shui, too, you know. the hen-house was built by an older local man whose wife had loads of hen-raising tips. it’s been a great place for the ladies’ egg laying. a few little antique collectibles were added to the outside of the structure. the fence has proven to be a success : happy chickens, happy dogs, happy-ness.

if you are thinking of raising chickens in the city, go for it! they are simple and pretty entertaining … plus, their eggs are delicious. there is a plethora of information online, such as this website where you can find info on raising these birds.


boy howdy!

so it’s been some time since i last posted … i appreciate the pokes and prods for an update.

since my last post i have relocated myself to austin, tx. this is a change i’ve been wanting to make for about, oh, five years now. sometimes you just have to be patient when making big transitions. so here i am … in the texas oasis … willing and ready.

several of my wonderful arkansas clients, such as candy bouquet international, arkansas press association and office of health information technology, are keeping me on and having me work remotely. so excited about that. makes the financial transition a bit easier! plus, i’ll be working out of two “offices,” little rock & austin. lucky girl.

since my move a few weeks ago, i’ve joined the austin museum of art (the receptionist was from little rock!), attended a smart and unique wedding at the longhorn caverns, was barked at by a woman in a restroom and have attended two “terror tuesdays” (as well as sunday morning beetlejuice) at the alamo draft house theater. doing alright, i’d say.

this post is an announcement not only to proclaim the sowing of oats in a new city … but to say I NEED HELP SPREADING THE GALUSHA-NESS. i mean, seriously. how am i going to buy a little ranch and two horses?! you have connections in austin? send ’em my way. you know someone who needs art to decorate their office in downtown austin? send ’em my way. you know someone who needs design collateral for their new business in austin? send ’em my way. you know someone who needs large phallic shapes painted on the side of their drag racer? eh, i’ll pass. (gotta love craigslist).

death by stereo.

so i’ve never been on the radio. not many people like the way their own voice sounds, including me, but i figured this is going out to all of arkansas, good promo, could be fun … what the hey.

my younger brother, russell galusha, appeared with me and did very well. he’s a natural smooth-talkin’ guy. i think it went over nicely. and, actually, i’d probably do it again. YOU get to say what you want people to hear, live, which is great. no misconceptions or worries that what you want to say is going to get edited out or accidentally worded incorrectly. it’s the real deal. the guys at the buzz were great and very easy to converse with.

take a listen!

thanks to matthew travis, and to bill and rj.