2013 recap

THANK YOU to all who posted, liked, commented, shared and supported in 2013. lots of love.
i’m ready for another great year, full to the brim.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 58 trips to carry that many people.

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police positive

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i got a call from a very nice arkansan not too long ago requesting a portrait of a colt police positive .22 using walnut grips that he owned. the drawing is planned to be a birthday surprise for his brother’s birthday in september. he mailed images of the gun, as well as the grips to choose from and their screws. we corresponded over the time the piece was created and, in the end, he was very pleased. he wrote, the morning after the piece was delivered “woke up this morning smiling … NO buyers remorse”. happy customer. happy emily.


thank you, jch, for your ideas, support and your humor.

new site!

emily galusha creative header

well, a website redesign was due, so i’m happy to share my new site, eegcreative.com. it focuses on graphic design work as well as my visual artwork (drawing/painting/mixed media). this is a good excuse to turn your phone on silent, grab your laptop and do some surfing.

this blog (the page you’re on right now) will still have updates on what i’m working on and all of that good stuff (drawings, photos, projects) … and facebook/twitter/pinterest are also awesome time suckers. so enjoy yourself and go play.

new website link   :   www.eegcreative.com

e.e.g. creative music mix

a big ole thank you to the Man upstairs and to everyone who supports artists, designers, creators and those with fantastic ideas. you are greatly appreciated.

bourbon & boots

i’m proud to announce that bourbonandboots.com will be selling my southern wares. today, they posted the first item for sale, a pistol illustration. i’m super excited as these guys have a good-lookin’ site with unique stuff to buy.
boots & bourbon says:
“This is who we think you might be.

  • You love the South
  • You are from the South or are a Southern Expat (livin’ up in yankeeland or maybe Texas)
  • You might even be a Carpetbagger who realizes how awesome Southern culture is
  • You value small producers
  • You value quality craftsmanship
  • You like vintage and handmade things
  • You value family and hospitality”

take a look here!



the east austin studio tour is a big deal here in austin. artists, galleries and some retail/restaurants collaborate for the sake of being creative. i was fortunate enough to be hosted by the fabulous east side showroom, a depression-era set restaurant with all locally grown and raised food. my pieces fit well, which was a bonus. big thanks to mickie spencer for having me show during such a great event. e.a.s.t. took place during october and since then the pieces that are still for sale have made it to gallery 26 in little rock and to grayDUCK gallery in austin. i also have a few here at the studio for sale. take a lookie!

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first off, happy veterans day. i don’t think there’s anyone out there who is not connected to someone who has served.  my uncle, cousin, grandfather … salut!

secondly, i am proud to announce the opening of the current art exhibit at the historic arkansas museum’s trinity gallery. continuing the series inspired by natural southern beauty, antique pistols, heartache, travel and the like, the walls are filled with my multi-media works. i share the exhibit with brett anderston, who’s sculptures are organic and strong. they scatter the floors with a heavy presence and are well constructed. the balance between he and myself works well. please come and support the show! during the opening tonight there will be dancers performing from ballet arkansas, blacksmithing demonstrations and lark in the morning playing their sweet tunes.

please come! here is a preview for you:

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historic arkansas museum : 200 e 3rd st, little rock 72201
free admission
the show is up through february 5, 2012. i’d love to hear how you liked it so feel free to email.

movement on canvas.

“suspension in music” • 26″ x 26″ • mixed media on canvas

continuing the dancer series.
here’s a little inspiration from alvin ailey to get you in the mood, too.

bringing back the bodies.

when i was 3 or 4, mom enrolled me in ballet and tap classes. when i grew up some, i began to appreciate what dance was and i continued through to college, becoming a pre-dentistry / ballet pedagogy major. after a year of studying dance at the university of oklahoma in norman, my art calling pulled me to arkansas. i grew depressed without the outlet of physical expression that was like an appendage to my life. i started taking classes locally and felt that goodness again.

in college as an art major, some of my favorite classes were my figure studies courses with the talented professor ken stout. there is so much about the human figure that is beautiful; so many planes, curves, platforms, connections, shadows to work with. why not combine the two creative forms of art and movement?

one of the first original oil paintings i created other than still lifes was “bird dancer,” an image pulled from my sketches (see slideshow). the dancer’s figure extends outside the finished background, giving it an endless power. over the years i have created and sold a few of these pieces at art shows and at the pilates studio of little rock in arkansas. i haven’t painted in this theme in a while and i’m gladly bringing them back into the mix. dance, pilates and a little bit of yoga all on canvas. working on graphic design, pistols and dancers presents a nice balance.

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special thanks to vanessa gottfried.

one man’s junk is another woman’s treasure.

so, at 32, i’ve fully come to terms that i am a packrat. but i’m an organized packrat. and the things i collect get used, whether it’s decorating at an event tomorrow or using it in a painting 3 years from now.

over the years, i’ve collected vintage fabric and trinkets as well as antique publications and papers. most of it was passed down through family as “junk” but a lot i have found throughout the south and midwest at various junk shops and things people have thrown out.

if you have any worthy fabric, papers, etc, that have a history behind them AND you do not want them anymore, mail them to p.o. box 684681 / austin, tx / 78768. send them and the story that goes along with them. i’d love to incorporate your goods into my work. who knows, your goodies could pass through me and end up on someone’s wall!

my organized stash of "treasures"

e.e.g. over easy

“and above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you
because the greatest secrets
are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
-roald dahl

since relocating from little rock to austin, my brain has been on overload. after this summer’s voyage through the west, i thought i would have time to digest all that experience and squeeze out loads of concepts and art. but it’s like a big mental constipated mess … only with colorful imagination instead of, well, poop.

about a year ago, living in little rock, i decided to stay through winter and spring, go to peru in the summer of 2010, then move to austin by the end of summer. it is a transition i had contemplated for some time to push my boundaries, but the timing had always been off. moving seemed scary and difficult … so naturally, it was attractive.

through self-motivation (and a little rejection & humiliation, of course), i had built up a strong professional career in art and design in little rock and was widely accepted. it was more than i could ask for. when you relax in your own shoes, they fit so much better. when the time came to follow through with my plan, it was at an incredible juncture – the title of arkansas times “2010 best arkansas artist” was awarded to me, and i was blown away. it fueled me to push forward with the move, knowing i had the support of home.

it has taken a month or two to settle and find a place for living and creating in austin. but it’s been found. the little workspace is rugged and perfect and the community is creative and driven. after sharing studio space with my mother or brother, working out of the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the yard, i now have a place to call my own. to step out of the everyday and dive in. i am very thankful for the little barn.

la grange – luna approves

the good news for you guys is that i’ll be posting new work soon and you won’t have to read my rambling tangents as often! you’ll just get to see that energy used on art. and i can’t wait.

God bless difficult changes, for bright and shiny ones are soon to follow.