dance & drawing. movement. cycles.

i switched majors in college when i was 19 from ballet pedagogy (university of oklahoma at norman) to visual art (university of arkansas at fayetteville). ballet was a passion of mine but i found that it may not have been my calling. i love dancing … tap, modern, theatre, lyrical, ballet. i wasn’t too shabby at it, but i felt my heart pulling towards working creatively with my hands.

diving into painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and everything else was very therapeutic and natural. however, i missed dance like crazy. after all, i danced from when i was 4 to 18. i ended up taking instruction at a local dance studio, which satisfied that need. while finishing up my BFA, i decided to challenge myself with finding a unique way to express the melding of dance and drawing. i researched various dance photographers and took several figure study courses. figure study from professor ken stout was an inspiring set of courses that pushed me further towards my interests.

at the time, i ended up painting a few pieces that i felt achieved the goal i was going for. but after college, the project was put on hold.

last year, i was inspired by a motivated friend to do a little clean-out of ye ole soul. time leaves its baggage piled up in your chest and sometimes you have to get in there and clean it out. you also have to take time to appreciate all the goodness. it is a great favor to do for yourself. so i began to find a healthy path toward focusing on emotional, physical, spiritual clarity. it’s not something to cross off of your “to do” list, but it’s nice to shift your lifestyle just a bit to gain clarity and let go of some aging hook-ups.

during this process of journaling, sketching, reading, pacing, analyzing, resting (and a little bit of dancing), i began my “undercurrents” series. i’m a pretty private person and have been wanting to challenge myself by exposing a more emotional side in a tasteful, expressive manner. i worked with dear friend and talented photographer Lily Darragh back home in little rock to shoot a couple of dancers. i shared with her my goals, we painted a backdrop and did some planning on how this would best play out.

Working with a dancer during the Little Rock photo shoot.
working with a dancer during the little rock photo shoot.

after spending quite some time narrowing down the emotions/narratives i intended to convey, i built playlists to correlate with each narrative. we met one afternoon with two dancers that ended up really pushing the idea. as the dancers listened to the music, i loosely “choreographed” the shoot and encouraged them to improvise and tap into their own forms of expression. it was a pretty incredible experience watching these talented girls put my description into action.

the photos turned out better than imagined: i now have a beautiful custom library of photographs to create from. and they all tell a personal story. i am currently in the process of organizing the photos, sketching from them and creating mixed-media paintings while also creating from live models. more to come …







thank you to jenny wittenberg, georgia & ashton, lily and momzie. 

[dancing to the bangles, of course.]

austin medical marketing.

in december of 2013, i was hired by tarrytown pharmacy to handle their design work. the shop is family owned and operated and has been open since 1941. i enjoy doing creative work for them as there exists a steady consistency within the design work … and i grew up with a pharmacist for a father.

i worked closely with the pharmacy’s marketing specialist, delta lane. she recently resigned from her position there to follow her ambition of opening her own marketing consulting firm. in this process, i was invited as partner, handling the design work. i continue to work with tarrytown pharmacy but am excited to have this new avenue of design work open up.

along with myself, delta also partnered with kristy ryan, founder and CEO of lexicon medical. together, the three of us make up austin medical marketing.

from the humbling press release sent out last week : “Just like the providers they serve, these women are successful in their own specialties doing what they do best. And they have recognized the wisdom of collaborating and exploiting each other’s skills. This group of Austin businesswomen offers a powerful marketing and sales team that is uniquely suited to address the needs of Austin medical providers.

Austin Medical Marketing provides practices and healthcare facilities a strategic marketing plan specific to the local community including branding, content creation and media relations.”

i created the branding for the new marketing firm:


(logo, stationery design)



click here to view full website.

For more information on Austin Medical Marketing please visit the website link above or email Delta at dlane@austinmedicalmarketing.com.

what’s the point?

acupuncture has proven to be an excellent alternative and complimentary method for remedying ailments anywhere from allergies to sports injuries, hormonal imbalance to toe aches. jennifer hoger has had much experience in the field here in austin and in california. so much so, that she has decided to venture off on her own and develop a solo practice. she specializes in both herbal healing and acupuncture.

jennifer is kind, intelligent and very easy to work with. i’m looking forward to get acupuncture therapy from this gal.
jennifer hoger acupuncture : 512.270.0634 : 709 W 34th St., Ste C, 78704



website design:

please visit her website where you can read more about her, see photos of her clinic and book an appointment.

these days are numbered.

literally … these days are numbered. i had the honor of designing the bar bc ranch calendar again this year. last year’s was a success and, according to the bossman, this year’s “is fabulous, well done!  Maybe the best yet?” 

Bar BC Calendar Cover

this year, i was asked to not only design the calendar and handle pre-production/production, but they wanted me to paint a series of watercolors to accompany each months “hero” photograph. the series consists of 3 insects, 3 fish, 3 trees and 3 plants. again, this was one of my most favorite jobs. i love large, intense projects that i can get lost in. this satisfied both my overly-organized self as well as the creative daydreamer in me. thanks again to mj for a great experience.

i work with a great partner on the project, which makes it that much more enjoyable (mj, you know i’m talking about you). the organizing, research, working with wyoming photographers, etc, went smoothly with the hillwood team. printing went smoothly, which is always good news. capital printing here in austin does a fantastic job of being technically on-it as well as accommodating and pleasurable to do business with (high five, mickey!). the production side of it can be a headache (and backache and eyeball ache) but they run it smoothly and kink free.

which is your favorite?me, i’m partial to jackson hole in september …


photography with the accompanying watercolor:
it’s easiest to click on the first one then scroll through them with the arrows once the image is open large.



production with capital printing co, austin.

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2013 recap

THANK YOU to all who posted, liked, commented, shared and supported in 2013. lots of love.
i’m ready for another great year, full to the brim.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 58 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

“let them eat paint”

“Art is one of the dirtiest words in our language; it’s mucked up with all kinds of meanings. There’s the art of plumbing; there’s the art of almost anything that you can say.” [thiebaud]

wayne thiebaud has taught me so much about the role of art in my career. i was first introduced to his work by my drawing professor, ken stout, while in the bfa program at the university of arkansas at fayetteville. we took a class trip to texas to see an exhibit including his paint cans.

"two paint cans"
“two paint cans”

the personality of textured strokes, the application of paint/charcoal and the beautiful blunt color palette gave me a bit of an awakening. his skill is obvious. but what he does with that skill is phenomenal. “If you stare at an object, as you do when you paint, there is no point at which you stop learning things from it,” he states. as a creator, certain artists’ creations speak louder than others, depending on who you are and where your gifts lie.

"cheese slices"
“cheese slices”

in his past, thiebaud was a cartoonist, stage designer and a commercial designer. his experience with emotion, lighting and design made him easily relatable on a personal level.  “of course shadows are not black!” i thought. there is light within shadow, therefore, there is color. he uses rich purples and blues for shadows and adds a thin trim of orange to make it vibrate off of the platform. the shadow is just as important as the intended subject matter.

his paintings are not merely a literal representation of  a mundane object. one sees an item or setting and all the elements that make up that setting, so why not paint it in a way that best represents its personality? “A conscious decision to eliminate certain details and include selective bits of personal experiences or perceptual nuances, gives the painting more of a multi-dimension than when it is done directly as a visual recording. This results in a kind of abstraction… and thus avoids the pitfalls of mere decoration.” although his fame emerged in the mid 1960s, thiebaud is not considered a pop artist. he explores the formal possibilities of painting — experimenting with brushstrokes, color, composition, light and shadow. where warhol is jibing and ironic, thiebaud is “warm and gently comic, playing on a collective nostalgia just this side of sentimentality.” his thick application of paint made him the leader of the “let them eat paint” school of art. he is a very determined painter, pushing himself constantly.

this translates in his cakes, his still lifes, his landscapes and his cityscapes.

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although he does not really discuss emotion in his work, it is apparent. the cheery cakes that proudly sits alone. the long, stretching shadows that reach beyond the cityscapes. i enjoy the fact that his work has a melancholy feel if one so chooses to see it that way. his technique rises above all other things. and that is admirable.

since i was 20, i’ve dreamt of taking a class from him, maybe catching hold of his perception and intention (and magic). as much as i’ve studied and admired his work, i feel like i have learned an incredible amount. most importantly, he is my great inspiration.

“An artist has to train his responses more than other people do. He has to be as disciplined as a mathematician. Discipline is not a restriction but an aid to freedom. It prepares an artist to choose his own limitations…”

eden east. eatin’ well.

i’m a pretty big fan of food … especially since moving to austin. there’s no escaping a delicious meal. recently, several friends and a very talented chef (sonya coté) came up with a concept for a new farm-to-table dining experience in austin. they, along with 3 other skilled partners, developed eden east austin at springdale farm in the heart of east austin. eden east serves a gourmet menu with a down home feel. with a “living chandelier”, large family-style dining tables, live music and a menu that changes weekly, you encounter a fulfilling and creative way to spend your evening.

i signed on to do the branding for eden east as well as some of the on-site creative. the package consisted of their hand-illustrated logo, the website (which I have updated/redesigned since), menu design, gift certificates, info packets, table design, hand-painted signage, hand-painted logo on antique truck.

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like to try it out? they are open every weekend, Friday & Saturday, for dinner. make your reservation here.


beautiful girl.


lily darragh is an arkansas photographer based in little rock. she’s the cat’s meow … i’m a little biased being that she’s been a friend since we were children. but take a look for yourself and see how talented she is at capturing beauty, light, texture.


… told you.



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last fall i turned another year older. and after ACL i wanted to get the -H- out of the city for a bit. my birthday request was to get away from crowds and traffic and people. get closer to space for thinking, running, playing.  i love birthdays … and squeeze as much out of them as i can.

this last birthday was exceptional. the best. andrew and i drove down to marfa and big bend for the weekend. if you haven’t been and you are coming from east of marfa, you have a flat, barren drive ahead of you. we kept saying “can you imagine living all the way out here?”. i have always been fascinated by folks that live hundreds from the easy access of our human “needs.” it was a fun drive (honestly, it’s always a fun drive with someone who likes adventure as much as you).

thursday night, we stayed at el cosmico in marfa and friday we camped under the stars along the rio grande just outside of big bend national park. the desert is so beautiful. i was able to spend my birthday with cactus, huge mountains, a sky full of stars and one of my most favorite humans in existence. the birthday fairy was good to me this year.


[this post was originally written at the end of october. and i swear i posted it!  … but i guess my adult-onset a.d.d. took over and i didn’t.]