Studio. Time.

Time in the studio these days is cherished as it is less frequent. [ Not as infrequent as my journal posts, obviously. Ha! ] And I’m not yet able to be selfish with my mental space there. Maybe that will never happen? … I’m ok with being tethered to another in this new way – motherhood. Moments in the studio, rare compared to the long days and evenings I typically spent there, are so important in keeping the fluidity of making. Whether it’s two hours or five, they feel good. Drawing muscles need to be flexed. There is muscle memory that needs to be kept fresh. 

From day to day, whether during a diaper change or power nap, ideas continue to show up. The door is still open, even with mental and emotional energy being utilized in a heavy way by motherhood. I choose to appreciate less studio time as space to reflect, journal, sketch at home. There is no muse. There is only the desire to stay familiar with the spark that lights the creative parts. 

I haven’t set a schedule for myself for 2023 in terms of how much / what to create. Shop updates will come when they come and so will new work. But it will come. And I’m excited to see what these musings and sketches become.

Working in the studio this week. Continuing a large mixed-media piece with a long-ass snake and some fluttery hummingbirds.

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