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last fall i turned another year older. and after ACL i wanted to get the -H- out of the city for a bit. my birthday request was to get away from crowds and traffic and people. get closer to space for thinking, running, playing.  i love birthdays … and squeeze as much out of them as i can.

this last birthday was exceptional. the best. andrew and i drove down to marfa and big bend for the weekend. if you haven’t been and you are coming from east of marfa, you have a flat, barren drive ahead of you. we kept saying “can you imagine living all the way out here?”. i have always been fascinated by folks that live hundreds from the easy access of our human “needs.” it was a fun drive (honestly, it’s always a fun drive with someone who likes adventure as much as you).

thursday night, we stayed at el cosmico in marfa and friday we camped under the stars along the rio grande just outside of big bend national park. the desert is so beautiful. i was able to spend my birthday with cactus, huge mountains, a sky full of stars and one of my most favorite humans in existence. the birthday fairy was good to me this year.


[this post was originally written at the end of october. and i swear i posted it!  … but i guess my adult-onset a.d.d. took over and i didn’t.]


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