well, “wood”n’t ya know.

some things happen for a reason … no, all things happen for a reason.

robert galusha


driving through the outskirts of austin in the dreamy hill country, andrew and i were doing a little “junktiquing”. we’ve gotten good at it. in our search (on my crutch i call an iphone), i found “robert galusha” on the map, just around the corner from the little shop we were poking through. it was meant to be.

we pulled up to the office space – “robert galusha design” stenciled on the door. i knocked as tiny butterflies formed in my belly. a middle-aged gentleman opened the door, wearing weathered skin, kind blue eyes and a long gray spiral ponytail. i don’t think robert was as amazed as me that i “found” a galusha in the texas hill country. but he was generous and happily shared the anecdote of his business and how he got to where he was. robert is a very skilled carpenter, with chairs and furniture filling any sort of would-be empty space in his office. he teaches classes out of his live-in shop full of all kinds of mechanical toys. every tool one may need to craft decorative and/or functional wooden pieces was probably in that room. robert is very colorful, talented and welcoming and i look forward to gaining knowledge from another galusha artist.

robert galusha design : etsy  :  rgd info  :  article

robert galusha design

go go gadget galusha!


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