bringing back the bodies.

when i was 3 or 4, mom enrolled me in ballet and tap classes. when i grew up some, i began to appreciate what dance was and i continued through to college, becoming a pre-dentistry / ballet pedagogy major. after a year of studying dance at the university of oklahoma in norman, my art calling pulled me to arkansas. i grew depressed without the outlet of physical expression that was like an appendage to my life. i started taking classes locally and felt that goodness again.

in college as an art major, some of my favorite classes were my figure studies courses with the talented professor ken stout. there is so much about the human figure that is beautiful; so many planes, curves, platforms, connections, shadows to work with. why not combine the two creative forms of art and movement?

one of the first original oil paintings i created other than still lifes was “bird dancer,” an image pulled from my sketches (see slideshow). the dancer’s figure extends outside the finished background, giving it an endless power. over the years i have created and sold a few of these pieces at art shows and at the pilates studio of little rock in arkansas. i haven’t painted in this theme in a while and i’m gladly bringing them back into the mix. dance, pilates and a little bit of yoga all on canvas. working on graphic design, pistols and dancers presents a nice balance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

special thanks to vanessa gottfried.


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