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i just returned from a week’s vacation at the beach with my immediate family. it was a time to cherish, relax and turn off the ole brain for a bit. my niece (2) and nephew (4) came along with my older brother and his wife, which was an added treat. my younger brother had to stay behind and work his little tail off, and he was missed!

having children around 24/7 is a new experience that i completely loved. now, they aren’t mine, so i can wander off if necessary. but i love being around them. maybe i’m a little too much like a 4-year-old.

the ocean was a bit rough, but the waves were fun to play in. i would take my nephew out into the shallow, but mighty, waves and lift him up each time one came towards us so he could feel as if he were jumping over them. even though he had his over-sized life jacket and me lifting him, he’d squeeeel each time i’d bounce him out of the water. he held on to me so tightly. i said, “cross, isn’t it amazing that God made all of this? the waves, the moon, the birds, the bird poop, the fish, the sand?” and he said, “why would God make something so scary? the waves are scary.” i thought it was amazing. i reminded him that the power of nature can be scary, but that’s a beautiful part of life. my nephew has taught me so much. my little butterbean.



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