one man’s junk is another woman’s treasure.

so, at 32, i’ve fully come to terms that i am a packrat. but i’m an organized packrat. and the things i collect get used, whether it’s decorating at an event tomorrow or using it in a painting 3 years from now.

over the years, i’ve collected vintage fabric and trinkets as well as antique publications and papers. most of it was passed down through family as “junk” but a lot i have found throughout the south and midwest at various junk shops and things people have thrown out.

if you have any worthy fabric, papers, etc, that have a history behind them AND you do not want them anymore, mail them to p.o. box 684681 / austin, tx / 78768. send them and the story that goes along with them. i’d love to incorporate your goods into my work. who knows, your goodies could pass through me and end up on someone’s wall!

my organized stash of "treasures"

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