vintage pistol couture.


the pistol series is continually evolving, which is a great thing … since this gun-drawing thing is not going to stop any time soon.

for years, i have been adding the paper of vintage sewing patterns to mixed-media paintings and illustrations. after researching pistol diagrams and spending hours looking at clothing patterns, i saw a correlation between the two. they began to mesh well, one evolving into the other.


the illustrations are framed with the vintage fabric pattern paper or vintage clothing pattern packaging behind the drawing. i also have a large stack of antique publications handed down in the family from 1911-1930 that i use to mount the illustrations on. i use amate paper to draw on, which is a paper handmade by otomi indians of mexico. it has a great texture and is sturdy. the two look great together.

i am really excited about this new avenue and plan to continue my “things-coming-out-of-guns” series, as well.

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