long arm of the law.

little rock lawyer and friend, keith hall, asked me to do some unique advertising for him. keith has handled cases in the realms of violent & white-collar crimes, drug charges, divorce, child custody, personal injury, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, dwi & dui and small business matters. he’s a tall, striking guy who is highly intelligent, has great taste in music and appreciates the power of two-wheeled motorized transportation.

keith had the idea of putting his information on coasters and setting them in local dives and restaurants, targeting those in need of defense for dwi’s or criminal law. he wanted to appear legit, but not stiff and standard. so, he came up with using western pistols. very proper for his taste, and he came to the right gal.

here is the final design. apparently, they’ve been quite the buzz. not that i want people to drive drunk or get caught stealin’ … but if that should happen, they should turn to mr. hall.

keith hall, lawyer : 501.374.4899 (answered 24/7) : little rock, ar : keithhalllawyer.com : registered in arkansas & texas


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