gettin’ hitched.

one of my favorite design/illustration projects is doing invitations. from 70th birthdays to 1st weddings to 2nd baby showers, they are a great way to be creative in developing printed pieces unique to each client. the following are two wedding invitations i did this spring.

jennifer is a talented, well-spoken freelance writer and actress who married jimbo, also skilled in the arts. his strengths lie in music, as he is the lead singer for the squirrel nut zippers and tours with his band, the tri-state coalition, playing a gritty blues that’s sure to get you shakin your tail feathers. she wanted the invitation to look similar to an old show flier. this is what i wrote and designed for them …

jennifer & jimbo (info blurred to protect the innocent)

she’s from arkansas, he’s from mississippi. they’re both southern lovebirds and adored the design. it’s awesome to have clients and friends that are so great to work with.

• • • • • • • • •

a separate wedding invitation included a reply card and an after-party invite. david and kelly, also a genuine duo, wanted something playful and threw some ideas out on the table. they settled on a hot air balloon, which is lighthearted and symbolic of taking off to new heights.

the invitation (fits into A10 envelope) is a pen illustration colored with watercolor. i drew them separately, scanned them and combined them in illustrator so that i could play with the layering of the two media. they wrote the copy for the invitation and i wrote the rest.

kelly & david

4″x6″ reply postcard:

rsvp card
opposite side of rsvp postcard

i suggested using little business cards for the after party to save on cost but still look unique and classy:

after-party card (mini business card size)

opposite side of after-party card