el cóndor pasa

recently, i was fortunate enough to go to peru on a mission trip where i taught art and english to young children in the casa de aguila orphanage & farm. our team (like family) worked several places in peru, but the orphanage was nestled in the remote mountains just outside of limatambo.  the experience was indescribable, comfortable, challenging and incredibly beautiful. one of the biggest things i’ve ever felt. i’d do it again in a heartbeat.

being a silly over-achiever and perfectionist leaves lots of room for self doubt. to have a stranger smile at you simply because you are spending time with them or their children is enlightening and motivating. you can’t go wrong. language barriers are temporarily broken. there is no failing at sharing love.

one little girl, about 7 years old, sat near me in chonta when we were making bracelets one morning. she leaned over and smushed a “peruvian air chigger” (or so i like to refer to them) on my cheek and gave me a huge grin. she was proud to save me from yet another bug bite. my heart surged as i smiled and said “gracias,” one of the 20 spanish words i know how to butcher.

these photos are some of my favorites. the sun does the greatest things in peru. maybe because it’s at your fingertips. dive in.

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4 thoughts on “el cóndor pasa

  1. These are very beautiful, Emily, and very evocative of the Peru that Jay and I experienced in and around Cusco as well. It makes me want to go back again more than ever!

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