commissioned artwork … the perfect gift.

a couple of weeks ago, i was contacted by two separate people needing commissioned pieces. one was for an award of appreciation and the other for a birthday.

the following is a not-so-high quality iphone image i took of the piece commissioned for ashley wimberley by the arkansas advertising federation. they left the subject matter pretty open, since i know ashley and have worked with her very closely in the past. i chose something liberating, natural and inspiring. she’s been a wonderful person to work with in many people’s eyes. the piece was presented in an awards ceremony that took place while i was away in peru. take a look:

the thoughtful andrew ashmore commissioned a fly illustration for his father, who’s an avid fly fisherman, on his birthday. the family has a great cabin on the little red river and andrew wanted him to have some more art on the walls. he sent an image of a beautiful fly for me to illustrate. here’s the process and the final:

initial sketch
initial sketch
adding pen & ink
adding pen & ink
before color
before color
adding color with colored pencil
adding color with colored pencil
final illustration (sorry, again with the crappy photos)

david ashmore birthday illustration
in it's new home on the little red river

the illustration looked nice with this rustic frame. i mounted the drawing on a newspaper clipping from a publication distributed in the early 1900s that i have on hand from my great aunt. framing art is just as fun as making the art itself, so i always cater to the illustration – making it art as a collective. each one is unique.

pretty sweet, if i do say so myself. what? what was that? you need me to commission an illustration? painting? email me:


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