purple haze.

here and there, i do a little modeling. mostly for fun …  you know, a little role-playing. several of my favorite modeling gigs have been for a local designer and friend, missy lipps. she’s been called a “deconstructionist,” as she takes vintage and rare clothing, rips them up, dyes them, sings to them, then puts them back together.

for a number of years, the hillcrest area in little rock has been the host of “HarvestFest,” a seasonal event offering everything from a chili cook-off to stage-diving 4-year-olds. shops along kavanaugh have their doors open to listen to local bands and welcome in hundreds of folks. along with the music, the box turtle fashion show is always a big production. a handful of local designers, including korto momolu, dress up models in their hand-made creations. i was glad to participate again this year, strutting down the runway in a little missy lipps dress with france gall blasting through the speakers. it’s fun, but exhausting. i hit the pillow hard saturday night (after some wine and company first, of course). here’s a gallery of a few of my favorite photos of the evening, courtesy  of kyran pittman. she was kind enough to hang with us and document the purple haze. i had a hard time narrowing it down, so go to her blog and see more to make you feel like you were there … plus, her writing is much better than mine.


One thought on “purple haze.

  1. Lovely post! Kyran documented the evening to perfection, and I’m still drooling over Missy’s dreamy collection. I’m glad we got to play dress-up together. xo.

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