who needs sleep?

the past 9 days incorporated completion of storyboards for 6 commercials, finishing web graphics, manning a booth of my artwork and junk in the kick-off art/sale/fashion/show at satellite (with some very creative people, such as audrey kass, mitchell crisp, jeremy estill, kat wilson – only to name a few) and giving my soul to little rock’s 48-hour film project (for the second time). i’m tired. but full and blessed. maybe a little delirious at this point …


a link to a lost ear pursuit’s 48 hour film will be posted later (that’s our team name), which i have to give big hoochikoos to both of my brothers, who are very talented in the film arena. both are determined, unique and easy to work with. one should be very proud to be a galusha. the film screens next wednesday evening, august 12, at 7 and 8:45 pm. the films will be shown at riverdale theater at the bottom of cantrell hill in little rock. come support the film project!


please take a little trip here:


an interesting, humorous, insightful read. i just finished her web graphics. she just finished making me blush.


One thought on “who needs sleep?

  1. Very proud of you. The stars aren’t just aligning… you’re throwing a lasso up there and wrangling them in. Good girl. Enjoy. it. all. You can sleep some other time. XO. P.S. Cannot wait to see the film.

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